Monday, 30 March 2015

RAW Therapee Fuji Trans X file converter

On the Fuji X Forum I read about the various RAW file converters and how they work with the Fuji Trans X colour filter.

One that kept getting mentioned in a positive light was RAW Therapee. This is Open Source and available in Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

I thought it might be worth a go, so I downloaded it and tried it out with an image I took in Whitby recently.

Raw Therapee lets you select either standard Beyer colour filter or Trans X in the Demosaic section, you can then apply sharpening in various degrees like Edge, Micro contrast etc.

I let Raw Thereapee decide all the settings as this was the first time I had used it. I saved it as a 16bit TIFF and then imported into Lr for some adjustment and exported as a jpg for this blog.

Here is the result compared to the usually very good Out of Camera jpg from the Fuji X Pro 1.

Out of Camera X Pro 1 jpg

RAW Therapee Demosaiced TIFF, adjusted in Lr.
To me RAW Therapee has kept more detail in the highlights and it also appears to have applied a lens correction the OOC jpg has some slight barrel distortion. 

This deserves further investigation and experimentation.

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