Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fuji X Pro-1 Film type bracketing

One of the features of the X Pro-1 is that it has film type simulation built in. Obviously these are all going to be Fujifilm simulations, so Kodak devotee will be disappointed.

I thought I'd give these a go, so whilst my wife was having her hair cut I went for a stroll around York. I set the film simulation bracketing to Velvia, Astia (soft) and Monochrome (Green filter).

When you shoot in film simulation bracketing you shoot in jpeg only mode with three jpegs being created in the chosen film types. No RAW file is saved.

I shot with -1/3 stop to make sure I got some sky detail.

The images have been resized in Lr the only processing was a click on the Auto button.

Fuji X Pro-1 Astia (soft) simulation.
Fujinon XF 14mm

Fuji X Pro-1 Mono+Gr simulation.
Fujinon XF 14mm

Fuji X Pro-1 Velvia simulation.
Fujinon XF 14mm
I think they look pretty good. I'm familiar with  Velvia and what a green filter does to B+W, but never used Astia.

I had a play with the B+W image in Silver EFX Pro.

OOC Fuji jpg processed in Silver EFX Pro

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