Monday, 30 March 2015

Fake Apple watch from China

Not strictly photography related.
I recently read that hours after Apple announced the release date of the Apple Watch last month that the Chinese e-commerce websites were advertising their versions.

I got in touch with my daughter who is currently teaching English in China and asked her to order me one.
It has arrived at her apartment in Chengde, Hunan Province and cost £23.50.

My daughter has checked it out and sent some photos.

This is how it arrived, we half expected it never to turn up.

Box looks a little like an Apple iPhone box and it comes with a USB charging lead. The watch case with crown looks very Apple-like, but the strap is just a watch strap, it doesn't look like the ones I've seen in genuine Apple watch images. That is a sticker on the watch face that is a copy of the Apple Watch screen.

Watch was already charged and quickly set to English as a display language. Of course it doesn't run iOS but a version of Android. Bluetooth is present as well as Pedometer, Phonebook and Dialer Apps. Basically a standard cheap smart Watch in a copy of the Apple watch case.

It can tell the time as well! My daughter reports it connects with her Chinese Android phone and can make and receive calls and trigger the phone to take photos (that is the photo related content!) she is sending it to me with a load of other stuff she is sending back home so I'll update in a month or so when it arrives.

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