Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fuji Trans-X RAW workflow

I've been reading about the various RAW processing workflows used by Fuji X shooters to get the the best out of the Fuji Tans-x RAW files.

The general opinion is that Lr does not produce the best results. My own, completely un-scientific, experiments suggested that when converting to B+W in Lr adjusting the RGB levels could produce an unpleasant 3D effect on fine foliage, especially when adjusting the Blue channel.

I then tried the Fuji RAW File Converter (FRFC) supplied with the camera, reasoning that if Fuji supply it with the camera it must do a good job.

I loaded a Fuji RAW file (.RAF) in FRFC and followed some basic instructions on B+W conversion, I was pleasantly surprised with the resulting image. I then saved this a TIFF file and further adjusted it in Lr and Silver EFX-Pro.

Basically what I'm doing here is letting the FRFC de-mosaic the RAW file which means that Lr doesn't have to do any maths and so can work on the file in its usual way.

The first image
 was converted to TIFF but left in colour, but then processed to B+W on Lr. I thought Silver EFX-Pro was not required as I had use of the Colour Channels in Lr to darken the sky. 
The second image converted to B+W and saved as a TIFF in FRFC and then further tweaked in Lr and EFX- Pro, 

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