Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Polaroid print Nik suite

I've been going through the presets in the Nik suite.

This preset struck me as being pretty accurate, I've not done a Polaroid print for years and from memory this looks good.

Polaroid transfer preset Nik suite

A return to abandoned cottage with the Leica M8

I returned last weekend to the ruined cottage just outside Beddgelert on a day of awful weather.

I had with me my Leica M8, the 28mm Elmarit and 15mm Voigtlander. 

It was so dark I had to up the ISO setting on the M8 to 640, pretty much as high as I dare go.

I've played around with the images in Lr, Ps and Nik suite as usual.

Leica M8 Voigtlander 15mm

Leica M8 Elmarit 28mm

Leica M8 Elmarit 28mm

Leica M8 Voigtlander 15mm