Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fuji X Pro-1 hyperfocal focussing

When I had my Leica M8 I often used hyperfocal focussing when shooting in the street. Being a 1.3x crop sensor the lens markings on my Elmarit 28mm were of no use as they were intended for 35mm film Circles of Confusion. What I did with the Leica was trial and error until I arrived at a setting that worked.

Now, with the X Pro-1 I could rely on auto-focus but when shooting from the hip you are never quite sure what the camera will choose to focus on so I wanted to try the hyperfocal method.

The Fujinon XF lenses for the X Series camera do not all have distance scales marked on them, and I was using the 18-55mm which is one of the ones that does not. However Fuji have thoughtfully provided a distance scale in the viewfinder and rear screen. Using this scale I was able to set an aperture and focus distance that gave me the required Depth of Field for street shooting.

Fuji X Pro-1 DoF scale on rear screen

As can be seen from the image DoF is set so everything from just under 2m to 3m will be in acceptable focus. 
These images show that it worked well. The 18-55mm was set to 23mm for the same Field of View as that provided by a 34mm lens on 35mm film.

Images are OOC jpeg resized in Lr, the balloon seller has been cropped the poster gazers is the full frame.

Fuji x Pro-1 hyperfocal focussing crop

Fuji x Pro-1 hyperfocal focussing full frame
What has impressed me is the quality of the OOC jpgs, I don't think I could get better developing from RAW.

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