Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Lr Mobile with Canon 5D2 raw files and Lr Camera HDR

Now that Lr Mobile is able to handle raw files I thought I'd see if I was able to use the Apple Camera Kit with my iPhone7 to import and edit raw files from my Canon 5D2 and Canon G10 Powershot.

This was so easy. I simply connected the camera to the iPhone with the Apple Camera Kit, opened Photos and touched Import, all the files in the camera were there to see, with options to import selected images or the whole lot.

Then in Lr Mobile I opened Camera Roll selected the image I wanted to edit and it was added to Lr and synced to my desktop as well. In Lr Mobile I edited the image and posted to social media. There are the usual options for email and Messaging as expected. 

This provides a very flexible solution for adding images when you are out and about. You could use it update you Facebook status or send images to a client. If they were OK with smallish jpgs then it enables a very fast turnaround, or they could be simply for approval with hi-res images delivered later. 

Canon 5D2 raw images accessed on iPhone7 with Apple Camera kit

However you could just use the iPhone camera via the Lr Mobile App and the recently added HDR function.
This works very well. Lr takes three images, one at correct exposure, one over and one under then blends them into a 16bit dng which is synced to your desktop for further big screen action if required, or you can edit on your iPhone.

Lr Mobile HDR with further processing in Lr Mobile on iPhone7

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