Saturday, 20 February 2016

Quick HDR in Photoshop Fuji X-Pro1

Made a quick HDR in Photoshop.
Canon 5D2, Canon USM 100mm f2.8, Neewer EG-250 Strobes

Used my Fuji X-Pro1 as a subject, the shape of the camera makes it a good subject for HDR.

I like this camera a great deal, true, its not that fast in general operation or AF, but I do find the AF accurate. 

The Optical/Electronic Viewfinder (OEVF) will not be to everyone's liking. It is not a rangefinder like the Leica M or just a Viewfinder like a Canon Powershot G series. It is unique but there is the ability to switch to EVF mode if you desire.

I find the EVF quite useful, I like t shoot RAW +jpg, on all my cameras, with the Fuji I set the jpg to B+W (red filter) and then see a BW image in the EVF which is helpful for composing the shot as you get to see what it looks like in BW, then develop to taste from RAW later.

The Fujinon XF lenses are superb, no question about it, but then, Fuji have been making lenses since 1938 and make some of the best TV and Motion Picture lenses as well as the Hasselblad lenses for the H system. I've used the 'blad lenses quite a bit and know how good they are.
The Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4, that the X-Pro is wearing in this photo, is extremely sharp, has no distortion and superb colour and contrast. 

The x-Series cameras and lenses are pretty much hand built as can be seen in this video:

And this interesting article on DPReview:

Fuji have produced some nice videos on their lens heritage:

Here is another video showing the manufacture of the X -Series cameras and lenses.

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