Saturday, 20 February 2016

First go with Neewer Eagle EG-250B Strobes

I recently pressed the button on Amazon and bought a Neewer Eagle EG-250B Strobe kit.

For my £174.00 I received a rather nice carry case, with Neewer embroidered on the side,  which contained, 3 x 250W strobe heads, 3 x stands, 2 x soft boxes, 1 x reflector, a circular grid diffuser which fits the reflector, barn doors and 3 x colour filters which slot into the barn doors and a white shoot-through umbrella. There was also a 16 channel RF flash trigger with Hot shoe transmitter, PC cables, mains leads and 3 spare fuses.

Quality was better than I expected, with no sharp edges. The case is made of plastic, which is nice as the mains cable is off the unearthed figure of eight type. The Strobe is double insulated and is CE marked.
Flash power is from 1/1 (full) down to 1/16, adjusted with a detented rotary control. There are two levels of modelling light and at each level the output varies with the flash power setting. The flash can be triggered by PC cable and optical sensor.
The strobe head uses Bowens fit for attachments, which is nice and secure, not all the cheap strobe heads out there are like this.

Rear of Neewer Eagle EG-250 strobe head

Front of Neewer Eagle EG-250 strobe head
It is of course possible with digital photography to use studio flash without a flash Meter by using trial and error, however its is much easier if you do have a flash meter, I bought a Sekonic L308s from Wex photographic for £119.00, it was sold as an Open Box but arrived in brand new condition.

I set up a quick table-top session to see how the strobes performed. I used my Canon 5D2 with Canon USM 100mm f2.8 Macro.

Recycle time was under 1 second, which is fine for this kind of slow paced photography. 
I used two strobes fitted with a soft-box and placed at 45 degrees with their top edges almost touching to form a "light tent". Both strobe heads were set to the same power by counting the clicks on the control and that appeared to be accurate. Both heads are the same colour temperature.
I ran the strobes for around 2 hours and remained only warm to the touch.

Very pleased with the performance so far. 

Sorry about the quality of the images but I'm still using a Canon 5D2 and I know from reading camera forums that these are rubbish because they are only 22MP and use Canon sensors.

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