Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Pixelmator - First proper try

Continuing on from the last post, I further explored the alternative Apps to the Adobe CC.

I've had Pixelmator for a while now, I bought it on my brothers recommendation but having Adobe CC, and having used Ps and Lr for years never really got around to giving it a serious go.

It was Tonality that revived my interest in Adobe CC alternatives. I found Tonality to give excellent results and its Photos App plug in made me explore more.  This led to me giving Pixelmator another go, and spending a bit more time on it this time around.

I loaded up a Canon RAW image and tried out the various effects on layers. Pixelmator uses drag-and-drop to place the effect on the chosen layer, this in turn brigs up an adjustment window and the effect of the slider can be seen in real time.

Layers can be made visible by checking or unchecking a box, a right click reveals more functions as expected.

Saving can be in either Pixelmator's native format or in Photoshop PSD format. Images can be exported in the usual formats and there is also an Export to web function for smaller web friendly files. 
Disappointingly there is no option to re-size the file on export, something which I would find very useful. I searched the internet to see if it was just me missing the function, but it wasn't and others were frustrated by its absence also.

All the images were edited using Pixelmator only.

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