Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Apple Photos App with RAW files

I thought I'd give the Apple Photos App a try for some proper photo post production, just in case I ever have to stop Adobe CC for any reason.

I think its a reasonable assumption that as Apple have EOL Aperture and built into Photos the ability to read most of the RAW file formats, including the Fuji Trans-X, that they will continue to enhance the features and capabilities of the Photos App.

There is also the scope to use Apps like Tonality as plug-ins in Photos, so the opportunity for third parties to develop interesting technologies as well.

I chose a couple of images from the last post.

For this image I converted to BW in Photos and then used Tonality as a plug in to adjust further.

This image was processed completely in Photos, including cropping, sharpening, noise reduction and Definition (Clarity in Adobe)

The JPEGs were exported from Photos. The Export dialog makes it easy to choose quality, and to resize and select the destination.

So far pretty impressed, its basic, but not all images require lots of layers and hours spent on them in Ps.

I was hoping that the Pixelmator, the well thought of image editor for OS X would have a plug in for Photos, well, it does but its only a distortion tool and of limited use to me. I'm sure it can't be far off though then the round trip for those images that require more PP would be complete.

Feeling more confident wit Photos, I performed more adjustments on this image.

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