Saturday, 21 July 2012

York Northern Pride 2012

I was wandering around York while my wife had her hair cut, as I strolled past York Minster I noticed a larger than usual crowd outside.
It turned out that it was York Northern Pride 2012, I had with me my Leica M8 so took the opportunity to take a few shots. 
Processed in Lightroom, some cropping and levels adjustment but not much else.
I used the Elmarit 28mm for most of these, a couple were shot on the Voightlander 15mm.

Those those of you who are interested, the photo above is cropped from the original dng file. When I view the original dng at 100% I can read the newsprint on the front page. remember that the Leica M8 is "only" 10Mp

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  1. Huw

    I like the one with the Taxi...

    I think the title should be "The Little Apple"

    Roo Powell