Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nudes with an Olympus CZ3040

When I decided to get rid of my 35mm film equipment DSLR's were hideously expensive and in their infancy. I also fancied something a bit more portable.
I chose the Olympus CZ3040, which at the time was getting very favourable press. To think that this 3.3MP camera cost £700 is mind boggling nowadays!
I still have it, and use it mostly these days for taking photos of any stuff I sell on eBay, the zoom and built in flash are handy for this.
Before it was relegated to this and prior to my purchase of my first DSLR an Olympus E330, I took some nudes.

I really like these and they work well despite being taken on a low res camera. I did a few more sessions like this with the same model and camera and even sold a few prints of a photo from the first session we did.

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