Friday, 7 July 2017

Llynnau Mymbyr - Canon G10 Panorama and Canon Photostitch

I've been following Jason Jones in his Vlog as he photographs North Wales, around the area that I'm originally from. Its lovely to see the beautiful scenery.

In his most recent video  Jason makes an other attempt to get a successful image of Llynau Mymbyr.

This time its not wet socks that prevent him but the lack of decent light.

I can sympathise with him, I've tried on several occasions to get a decent image in that location, the best i've managed so far is one using the panorama setting on my Canon G10, stitched together in Canon Photostitch then tweaked in Lr CC.

I originally stopped for a quick piss behind the rocks in the layby, but spotted the light and quickly grabbed the only camera I had with me.

There is something a bit odd in the water on the RHS where the images have been stitched; strange as the G10 locks the exposure for the first image, I think its more likely the light changed significantly between image 2 and 3.

Canon G10 Panorama setting

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