Tuesday, 11 July 2017

gps4cam App Canon 5DII

I like my canon 5DII an awful lot and am in no hurry to upgrade or change them.

However I quite fancied the idea of having the images geotagged but there is no easy way to geotag images on the 5DII Canon never made an add-on for the 5DII.

I could photograph the same location on my iPhone then reference this image to edit the metadata on the Canon files but this was going to be a pain in the arse.

Then I came across an App called gps4cam, it is available for iOS and Android but this I use an iPhone 7 so this is the App I've used.

There is a Standard and Pro version available, I bought the Pro version (as you would of course Mr Hill). the differences between the two Apps are minor, the Pro basically has Cloud/Dropbox abilities.

There is also a small App to download to your Mac or PC. 

The way it works is that you start a "trip" on the phone App and start photographing. When you are done you stop the App and it generates a QR code which you photograph on the same camera you were using.

Then, you copy the images, including the QR code, to a folder on your Mac/PC, and using the Desktop gps4cam App on your computer navigate to the file location, then specify an output location for the tagged files and press Start. 

In the tagged folder will be your files now geotagged.

I gave this a quick test and then imported the files into Lr CC.

It worked.

However, On my iPhone 7 with the latest iOS the App freezes and has to be killed. Not a good start but if you immediately restart the App, click on the "Trips" menu you trip will be there but "paused". Continue the "trip" and it all works perfectly. Obviously some bug fixing needs to be carried out by the developer. I have contacted them, lets see what they say.

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