Thursday, 26 January 2017

Macphun Luminar and iPhone 6

I like to think there is an alternative to the Abobe CC workflow that will be just as good but cheaper.

So far I've tried Serif Affinty which I thought was good but just not quite as slick as Photoshop. I've dallied with Machun Tonality Creative Kit, a collection of Apps which are OK, Tonality itself being the best of them. I have even tried Apple Photos, with the the Affinity and Tonality plug-ins. This was just not comprehensive enough.
So it was back to Adobe CC of which Lightroom is my go-to App for photo processing. It has everything including the all important asset management.

Recently Macphun launched a new photo editing App and, as a Macphun customer, I was offered a large discount to pre-order, so I did.

Luminar looks like a Lightroom clone, with the usual adjustment controls down the RHS. In keeping with the Macphun philosophy of using presets these are available along the bottom. Luminar has the USP of being configureable for beginners or advanced users. Basically in Beginners mode the controls disappear and it becomes mainly preset based.

Macphun has stated that Luminar is a work in progress and that updates will be frequently released adding features. The one feature Luminar desperately needs is Asset Management; at present loading an image is accomplished the old way by navigating to the folder, its not good.

What Luminar does, it does very well, it could be a bit faster precessing effects and adjustments though, even my MBP with i7 CPU and 16GB RAM has a delay, when the same kind of adjustments in Lr on the same raw file are instantaneous.

Hopefully Macphun will live up to their promises and deliver asset management fairly soon, and speed up the processing as well, then it may start to be a contender.

I'm getting to really like the iPhone for image making. the image below was taken on my iPhone 6 and processed in Luminar.

iPhone 6 jpg processed in Macphun Luminar

Machun Luminar in Advanced mode

Machun Luminar in Beginner mode

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