Sunday, 24 January 2016

Angels with dirty faces - York cemetery with Fuji X-Pro1

The Light was flat today but at least it wasn't raining so I was determined to get some image making done. I had to go out to get some milk, so chucked the X-Pro1 in the car and decided to go via York Cemetery, they would have to wait 30 mins longer for their cup of tea back home.

I set the X-Pro1 to shoot in Mono film simulation so I could get an idea of what the image would look like in BW. As I always shoot in jpg+RAW this still gives me the option to process in colour from the RAW file.

Over on the RHS of York Cemetery there are several Angels on headstones, I decided that I'd concentrate on these as a subject.

Keeping with my recent Adobe-free workflow I processed these in Apple Photos, I didn't even use any of the Affinity Photo extensions, just the Photos adjustments and presets.

All images taken with Fuji X-Pro1 and Fujinon XF1-55mm OIS lens.

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