Friday, 17 January 2014

Leica CF flash with Leica M8

I fancied a small portable flash for those occasions when a bit of fill-in flash is necessary.

TTL was going to out of the question unless I wanted to pay top Leica prices and the two available flash guns are a bit larger than I really wanted. I checked out other manual/auto flash units but none really took my fancy.

I decided to search on Ebay for a Leica CF.  I've tried a friends Leica CF, originally designed for the 35mm film Minilux, on my M8, and measured the trigger voltage at a very digital-camera-safe 6V, the search resulted in a freshly listed Leica CF at a very good price from a seller with excellent feedback. I pressed the Buy It Now button.
Two days later it arrived. It works perfectly and will live in the Billingham for those rare occasions when a little bit of extra light is needed.

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