Saturday, 4 January 2014

Billingham 225 Photo bag

I was recently given a Billingham photobag by a friend, a very generous gesture indeed.

I've always admired the Billingham bags, especially in the tan canvas/brown leather scheme.

I think this model is the 225, or very close to it.

The quality of the bag really is second to none and I think it safe to say that it will last for decades and only get better looking as it does, a shame that is not the case for rest of us!

Function-wise the Billingham is poor when compared to my Lowe Pro bags, there are fiddly straps and flaps and its really quite heavy but, odd as it sounds, these things don't matter as its just so nice in all other respects. I'm using it to keep my Leica kit in as they complement each other perfectly, it would not seem right to use it with my Canon kit, that is too functional, clinical and efficient, but for the low-tech manual focus Leica its just perfect.

Billingham 225
If you like straps and leather then Billingham is the bag for you

Billingham 225
Plenty of space for the Leica M8 and the rest of the kit


  1. I hope it gives you many years of good service. I look forward to going out for a shoot with you again in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Indeed, although photographic shoots have been scarce for me recently, I'll have to resort to taking pictures of brick walls like most other photo bloggers!