Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rocolax IR/UV filters with Leica M8

Finally a day when its not pissing it down in York.
I had a walk around the city centre with the Rocolax IR/UV filter on my Voigtlander 15mm Heliar and looked for some people wearing black synthetic fabrics.
As can be seen in the photo the filter works just as it should, black is reproduced as black.
Also as expected the DNG files straight out of the camera had cyan corners and, something I'd not read about, the filters also upset the white balance on the M8. Both these are easily fixed, the cyan corners in Cornerfix and the WB in Lightroom.

Some people in York wearing black taken without the Rocolax IR/UV filter

Some people in York wearing black synthetic fabric shot using Rocolax IR/UV filter

His and Hers Canon shooters

I spotted this couple shooting around York Minster and noticed they were both photographing the same views, I followed them around for a while and got them in formation. He had a 5D2 she was using a smaller Canon DSLR. Appropriate cameras for a Minster!

Moody Minster

Stonegate in York
So, in conclusion I can report that the Rocolax IR/UV filters work as expected and if you want to save a bit of money are worth getting. They seem to be available only via Ebay in the UK.


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  2. Thank you. You made my choice of filters easier. ;) have a good one!