Friday, 23 June 2017

Photo workflow exercise Lightroom vs Canon DPP4

I took a bracketed image and processed them in two different ways to see if it made an appreciable difference.

Workflow 1
Lightroom CC for HDR, lens correction, perspective correction and BW processing.

Workflow 2
Canon DPP4 for HDR, lens correction then Photoshop CC for perspective correction sing NIK plugins for BW processing

Workflow-wise, keeping everything in Lr CC is easy and the file is exported to your chosen destination.
With DPP4 the image can be sent to Ps CC and processed there, however it is not a "round trip" the image when saved within Ps gets saved way down in the folder structure on the Mac HD. I then had to find this and copy it to where I wanted it to be stored.

Concerning IQ, to my eyes, and this was when I was working on the CR2 files on a 27" Thunderbolt monitor, the HDR in Lr did a better job in masking the ghost images from the trees being blown by the wind whilst taking the 3 bracketed images, but DPP4 performed marginally better on the brickwork of the building. The sky was easier to process, in that greater adjustment was possible,  in NIK Silver EFX Pro than using the grad filter in Lr. Adjusting perspective in Lr required a Crop to afterwards, while in Ps it was all taken care of automatically. The two methods have produced a different result, which is interesting.

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