Saturday, 29 April 2017

Olympus PEN E-1 with Zuiko 40 - 150mm

I've had an Olympus PEN E-1 since it came out. I quite liked the idea of a compact mirrorless camera with a large(ish) sensor, and I already had an Olympus E330 so could use the glass with a MFT adapter. Even though I eventually went to Full-Frame 35mm with a Canon 5D2 I kept the PEN and the 14 - 42mm and 40 - 150mm lenses. 
It went with my daughter to uni, then to the U.S. and eventually made its way home via a 10 month stay in China.

Since then is done a bit of Ebay photography duty but pretty much stayed in its camera bag. Until recently when I was sorting through stuff and came upon it, I started playing with it and remembered all the things I had liked about it.
OK, so things get a bit noisy above 400 ISO but I really liked the Art mode preset Grainy Film so it didn't really matter. I've been using it for portraits.

These are jpg sooc with just resizing in Lr CC

Olympus PEN E-1 Zuiko 40-150mm

Olympus PEN E-1 Zuiko 40-150mm

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