Saturday, 16 July 2016

Fuji X-Pro1 - Poor man's Leica Mono?

Its pretty well acknowledged that the Fuji X cameras produce superb jpg files straight out the camera.

I normally shoot jpg and RAW, and usually end up processing the RAW file to my tastes, using the jpg as a proof.

It is also well known that the Fuji film simulations are also excellent.

This evening as a try out I shot some images with my Fuji X-Pro1, the Fuji 14mm, Fuji 35mm f1.4 and Fuji 56mm lenses, shooting jpg only in BW with Red filter film simulation mode, could this be an option for the dedicated BW shooter?

The images below are SOOC with just re-sizing for this blog.

SOOC BW+Red filter Fuji 14mm f2.8

SOOC BW+Red filter Fuji 35mm f1.4

SOOC BW+Red filter Fuji 56mm f1.2
I'm rather impressed with the tones and exposure.

Here is one processed in Lr with my usual preset.

SOOC BW+Red filter Fuji 14mm f2.8 with Lr preset
In my camera Billingham I also had my Canon G10 Powershot; this a camera that has greatly impressed me, up to 400ISO the images are very usable. I particularly like this camera for event photography of groups, set to Face Detection and sometimes with a Canon Speedlite attached in ETTL mode, it is less intimidating that a DSLR and people relax more. Today however, I tried it on some landscape using the Landscape Mode and in aperture priority mode (Av).

I shot jpg and RAW in Av mode the camera reverts to jpg only in its preset modes.

RAW processed in Lr with my usual preset.

Canon G10 80ISO Lr preset from RAW

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