Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Manchester Canon Powershot G10

I was in Manchester recently to meet up with an old mate and take in a gig at he the Albert Hall.

I was travelling light with just a shoulder bag so chucked the Canon G10 in as my camera for the trip.

Manchester as a city fascinates me, the centre is modern and trendy with beautiful people dashing about clutching a coffee to go in one hand and a smartphone in the other. Then, walk down a side street and suddenly the hi-tech glass and steel architecture has disappeared and you are faced with a derelict victorian warehouse, long abandoned.

Canon Powershot G10

Canon Powershot G10
While we were there the Conservative party were having their annual conference. On Sunday before we got our trains back we sat enjoying a coffee outside the conference centre entrance watching the various protesters, among the most interesting was this John Bull character.

These images were converted from RAW in Tonality then sent to Lr for lens correction and export to jpg for inclusion in this blog.


  1. Great shot ... would love to see it in colour as well.

  2. Thanks. Works just as well in colour. I'd crop out the left-hand couple of characters but leave those on the right-hand ... they look as if they are in miniature and looking at the placard. A great photo ... very much in the style of Martin Parr.