Tuesday, 21 April 2015

La vie en gris Lightroom presets

I updated to Lr CC this evening. Adobe have added a Panorama function, a Grad Filter brush and HDR functions, which might be handy occasionally. They also added face detection, which I doubt I'll ever use.

Lr also now uses the GPU (the hardware that provides the computing power for the display on your computer) to do some of the heavy lifting, Adobe claiming great increases in speed for Lr functions.

My MacBookPro is pretty fast anyway, and so far I've not noticed any difference.

Whilst I was in Lr I installed a set of presets I found here they attempt to replicate the B+W style of some well known photographers. I'm not sure how accurate any presets of this type are as I'm of the opinion that there are far too many variables to get a really accurate replication, but I do like these.

They look good on first click, and of course you can fine tune them to taste. 

Daido Moriyama preset

Daido Moriyama preset

Michael Kenna preset

Nick Brandt preset

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