Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Leica M240 in Clonakilty

We were loaned a Leica M240 by Bass & Bligh cameras in Harrogate to try out during the Michael Collins video shoot in Eire.

Our initial thoughts were that it might be nice to put this on the jib with a Voigtlander 15mm lens on it for nice sweeping shots. These thoughts were quickly dashed though when it was revealed that when shooting video the M240 suffers from a terrible rolling shutter when moved even slowly. It is also switched in automatic exposure mode when shooting video, not always what is required.

So, disappointed with the M240's video performance I gave it a chance to redeem itself as a stills camera. This, its pretty good at. I used my Leica 28mm f2.8 Elmarit, Voigtlander 15mm f4 and Voigtlander 40mm f1.4 Nokton lenses.
The Voigtlander 15mm vignetted and suffered magenta corners, these of course can be fixed with Cornerfix.
I found the Focus Peaking to be fairly poor compared to other systems I've used, the peaking is indicated in red and I found it hard to see, especially when shooting outdoors.

I used Lr, Ps and Nix suite to process the DNG files and they are easy to work on.

Leica M240 Voigtlander 40mm f1.4 Nokton

Leica M8 Voigtlander 40mm f1.4 Nokton

Leica M240 Voigtlander 15mm f4 Heliar

Leica M240 Leica Elmarit 28mm f2.8

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