Saturday, 16 March 2013

Photoshop CS6 nudes processed with Layer blending methods

I recently moved from Windows to Mac.

When you buy Lightroom it comes as both the Windows and Mac version so I no need to purchase it again.
Photoshop, however only comes as either Windows or Mac, so I had to buy it again. I qualify for the educational price on adobe software so its not as bad as it sounds. Curiously when I bought PS CS6 for the Mac the windows version came with it!

Anyway, I'm starting tot get to into CS6. for almost all of my photography Lightroom is all that I need I only really use PS for more graphic ideas I occasionally have.

My workflow was to process the image in LR using DSLR Guru presets, from  LR open the image in PS, add the effects then save then back to LR and export to jpg.

Originally shot on film with a Contax and Zeiss 50mm

A more recent image shot on an Olympus 3040Z

Digital image from Olympus 3040Z

Another Olympus 3040Z image processed in Ps Cs6 using layer blending methods

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