Monday, 8 October 2012

Sesiwn Fawr 2007- Ty Siamas

In 2007 I was involved with the design and installation of Ty Siamas the National Folk Music Centre for Wales in Dolgellau. 
Some of the people behind Ty Siamas were also involved with Sesiwn Fawr, a festival of folk and world music held annually in the streets, pubs and venues of Dolgellau. 
In 2007 I was lucky to be given tickets to the event, but somehow ended up in the Ty Siamas recording studio recording the acts performing in the auditorium there, only managing to catch the last couple of songs in Steve Earles set.
Once the levels on the mixing desk were set I went into the auditorium to take some photos. I used my Olympus E330 at ISO1600 under the stage lights.
Some of these were used in publicity for Ty Siamas, printed up on canvas in the centre and used in the large banner hangings outside, all from 7.5mp!
Sesiwn Fawr started as a small local event, but over the years attracted large international acts eventually getting so large and popular that it took over the whole town for two days. Unfortunately it became so large and popular that policing the event became too expensive (things did get rather rowdy on the Saturday evening!) and 2007 was the last big Sesiwn.

Pigyn Clust

Idris from Pigyn Clust

Micky Spillaine and Paul Dooley

Cowbois Celtaidd
this lot were pissed and stoned and whilst great fun
brought with them a very vocal audience!

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