Friday, 24 August 2012

York Cemetery

I recently spent a pleasant morning viewing a friends photos and generally chatting about photography. Among the sets of photos we looked at was one he had taken of an old cemetery near Bexhill.
This reminded me that I'd had a couple of visits to the York Cemetary.
When I got home I went through the photos and picked some out. I gave them a quick whizz through LR and I'm quite pleased with the resulting images.
When I first took these photos I wasn't that pleased with them but looking at them again nearly 2 years after the first set was shot I looked at them with fresh eyes so it just goes to reinforce that you should never delete photos.
All photos taken with Olympus PEN EP-L1 with Zuiko14-42mm and Zuiko 11-22mm.


  1. We did some of the cemetery years ago. I had my OM2 and you had your Contax. I might have a look see if I can dig em out. There should be a contact sheet somewhere.

    We also went to the big one in Bradford, inspired by D.McCullen.... d'ya remember that?


    1. Yes I remember that I tried a roll of infra red on that day as well. I've got the negs somewhere. Likewise the Bradford trip although I can't recall seeing the negs for them recently.