Thursday, 10 May 2012

Leica M base plate

I've been reading a lot recently about the forthcoming announcement (10 May) from Leica which many on the internet say will be the M10. These discussions predictably end up in Leica users being told by non-Leica users how out of date the M cameras are and how they would all be better off with a huge DSLR etc etc. It does make for some interesting reading but becomes somewhat repetitive after a while. 
One of the points the Leica detractors bring up repeatedly, and this was also mentioned on a piece on the M9, was the M camera continued use of the removable base plate to gain access to the SD card and battery. The detractors, and, say this is old fashioned and inconvenient. Well, my M8 shoots around 300 DNG's on a battery charge and why remove the SD card, why not just connect the camera to the computer with a USB lead? Removing the base plate is little more involved that opening the plastic flap most cameras have over their battery compartment/card slot. I honestly can't see it making very much difference to the operation of the camera.
I  hope the  M10, if it is indeed announced, retains the removable base plate, manual focus, centre-weighted metering, range finder focussing and weighty construction. These are what make a Leica M.

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