Friday, 23 September 2011

The joy of print

I've just been given a new printer. It's a HP B9180 A3+ capable. It uses 8 pigment ink cartridges to give professional results.

Installation was easy, Win 7 x64 drivers are on the HP website.

So far I've only run a few B+W  and colour prints through on the Normal setting and I'm really impressed with the quality, its it much better than my Epson C64 Photo even when the Epson is set on Best quality, but then it should be really.

On the downside it is rather large, it is recommended thait beleft swithed on and replacement ink cartridges are around £30 each and only OEM ink is available.
I have seen CIS (continuous ink system) advertised and they certainly look worth investigating. A CIS is around £150, but includes much larger ink reserves, which works out at about £5 per cartridge.

Seeing your images printed on B+ paper really is a little bit special.

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