Monday, 8 August 2011

Here we go...

I'm going to register for a degree in Photography by Distance.  I've been taking photographs for over 20 years, occasionally on  a semi-pro basis, and having looked at the course I'm pretty much of the opinion that the first year of modules cover the parts of photography which I'm confident with. It is possible to gain credits for prior learning/experience. so in order to do this I have to submit 7-10 images, if these are deemed of sufficient quality then I have to submit a further portfolio and credits will be awarded on this.
I've started selecting images for the initial submission. these are the digital ones, I've yet to go though the 1000's of negs and slides and choose the best of those.
I'm more confident with some types of photography than others, but I've attempted to present a broad selection of  the different types of photos I've taken over the years.
The fact that I'm about to search through the 1000's of negs and slides I have. 
I've ask a couple of photographer friends of mine to look at the photos I put put. One is an experienced editorial/commercial photographer the other a photographic artist/lecturer.
Their choice was remarkably similar, both saying that the strongest photos were the B/W Landscapes and Nudes, in other words the more abstract ones. the Photographic Artist said he could tell that the ones he chose were taken by the same photographer due to the composition and style and that they worked together as a group, he said that the others, while OK could have been taken by any technically competent photographer. I've shown the photos to a friend of mine, a keen and experienced photographer, and he favoured the same photos as the others so it looks like my choice has been made for me. Which was the whole point.

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